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20 March 2012


Porn is in our lives and its not going away. Whether you are for it or against it doesn’t matter.  If porn is here to stay,  learn to deal with it in a mature and responsible way. If you don’t want to slip into a porn addiction you might have to consider a  few points. I separated porn uses in three categories. Find out where most of your porn use is and see if you have to be careful and manage better your use of porn.

Green light: The Good use of  Porn

  • To find new ideas.
  • To wake up sexual desire.
  • To set the mood.
  • To have access to images of genitalia.
  • To see humans perform sexual activities.
  • To see what you can do to a man sexually.
  • To see what you can do to a woman sexually.
  • To be sexually arouse faster.
  • To show our sexual preferences to the partner.
  • To masturbate watching erotic scenes.

There are plenty of positive sides to porn.  Do you decide when you want to use porn or you lost the ability to choose to watch it or not? Don’t let porn become the center of your life.

Yellow light: Monitor yourself and adjust (now):

  • Believing that porn is reality.
  • You prefer to watch porn than have sex with your partner.
  •  You ask constantly the partner to perform things seen in movies. Ignoring her lack of enthusiasm,  harassing her even when she refuses.
  • You spend more time than expected on the net looking for the perfect picture (or clip) to masturbate.
  • You are  tired at school or work because you spend the night on the Net.
  • You begin to decline gatherings with friends and family to spend more time on the net watching porn.
  • You smoke more cannabis, take more cocaine or drink more alcohol, to watch porn.
  • Your girlfriend complains because you don’t go to bed together anymore.
  • You lye  about the amount of time spent on the Net watching porn.
  • You  injured your penis while masturbating but you dare not go to the doctor or talk to anyone.

Porn can be very addictive. If your porn use is in the yellow light, you have 2 choices, either you modify your porn habit or you develop a full blown addiction.

Red light: You need help:

  • You fell on child porn and even if you were disgusted at the beginning, you started to go back regularly. You begin to fear the police will come for you soon.
  • You begin to miss days of work because you spend the night on porn sites.
  • When you are on the net and watch porn, all your needs are met, you do not need anyone or anything.
  • When life goes wrong and you watch porn, you forget all your worries and problems disappear. The next day you feel hopeless when you have to face your problems.
  • Your partner threatens to leave you or left already.
  • You have several academic failures.
  • You watch porn at work even if it is forbidden.
  • Your job performance has attracted the attention of your superiors.

Porn is adult entertainment. Actors and actresses are paid to entertain you. A porn movie will make you to believe that sex is easy when its more complex than a porn scenario. Be sensitive to the fact that the more you will watch porn, your tolerance level will rise.   You will go from soft to harder porn, it will change over time. Try to remember that no everyone has the same level of understanding towards porn. If you have it on your phone, be respectful by not imposing it on others. Remember that it is forbidden by law to watch porn with minors. If you watch it in your workplace, you may be accused of sexual harassment if others witness it without their consent. There is time for porn and there is time for everything else. Be smart.

If you have children in the house, do not let them have easy access to your porn. On the Net, make sure to protect your files with a password. When your children will start to become interested in sexuality, they will tell you and then you can present them with age appropriate material. Porn is not suitable for children and its not sex education material. It is design for adult.

If you started to download and watch child pornography, you have to know that in Canada (1), if you have not been subject to criminal prosecution, you may, under certain conditions, ask for help without fear of being denounced. There are 3 conditions for that:

1. No specific child is at risk of being abused by you.

2. You don’t have any children at home.

3. You are not working with children.

Under these conditions, the information shared with  your therapist will remain confidential. Before meeting with the therapist,  ask these questions over the phone.

There are many varieties of porn. Some people enjoy it a lot while some others do not like it at all. It is a matter of personal choice.

1.  Another Gold-Star Pedophile. Dan Savage March 7, 2012

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