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11 January 2012

Viagra for young men

To all my new english readers, I am starting to translate all my articles from french to english. As some of you may know or guess, this is a DIY project and my moto is:

it can only get better!

Here’s some information on erectile dysfunction inspired by the reading of an article written by Dominique Forget in the journal L’actualité:  Viagra pour jeunes hommes November 14, 2011.

Viagra for young men

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction can now access a new treatment. Made of the same family of molecules than Viagra: Staxyn. Staxyn is for patients under the age of  55.

Young men age of 18 can have erectile problems, says Dr. Serge Carrier, urologist and professor at McGill University. Some may suffer from stress, others are suffering from blood diseases or suffered radiation treatment”.

“These patients are reluctant to take a pill to get an erection, said the doctor. They consider themselves too young. Staxyn tablets come in a package that looks like a pack of gum. It helps. “

At the age of 40 years, 40% of men suffer from erectile problems. In most cases, these men have neglected their health, they do not exercise or they don’t eat well.  The erectile dysfunction should therefore be seen as an alarm signal. If we do nothing, other problems will follow. “


I agree with Dr. Carrier. Indeed, erectile dysfunction in a man under 40, is worth a visit to the doctor.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, don’t panic! You should be aware that certain factors can cause temporary erectile dysfunction:

  • Too much stress at work;
  • Mourning a loss;
  • Financial problems;
  • Performance anxiety during sex with  a new partner happens to many men;
  • etc.

There are 3 systems working together to make you have a glorious erection:

  1. Vascular system: the blood has to flow easily in your veins,  into your penis to make it hard;
  2.  Muscular system: some muscles when relax allows the blood to fill the penis and the muscles also play a role in the ejection of the sperm.
  3.  Neurological system:  Erection and ejaculation are a neurological reflex.

As a sex therapist, I may have to refer the client to the doctor for a medical checkup before I can assess the situation. Its not always ”in your mind” or psychological. It can also be physical. With all the anxiety caused by an erection failure sometimes the effect will last a long time. You did not achieve an erection once and then you become anxious that you may not achieve an erection once again.  It can become a never ending vicious cycle. Anxiety and erection are not 2 words that goes well together.  If you met the doctor and your physical condition is Ok  but still, it’s not working, seek help with a professional sexologist.

For those who do not know, November is the month for the prevention of prostate cancer. The only way to cure a prostate cancer is prevention. The Movember website contains a wealth of information about men’s health. You can donate online and there is a list of fundraising activities you can participate.

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